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Car Window Vents are a great product for anyone who travels with their dog in the car.

This is an amazing product!  We get asked about them all the time.

Designed to allow fresh air to circulate around the vehicle when moving or stationary, keeping dogs heads securely inside the vehicle, but keeping air flow moving.

Our Car Window Vents can adjust to different car window widths, ideal for most vehicles.

The Vent slots over the glass and secures into the window channel, so you can lock your car as normal.

They are strong and resilient so very safe – much stronger than you would think!

– Keeps your dog cool whilst on the move or when the car is stationary
– Made of tough polypropylene
– Plated rivet at each corner for strength

Suited to most medium to large vehicles the vent measures (not expanded) 19 x 24cm expands up to 95cm (wide) x 20cm (deep)

Note the wider it is stretched the narrower the height of the openingYou will lose 2-3cm of height when you fit it into the channel of the window.

These vents do not fit onto windows with an exaggerated curve as is the case with many windows on front doors, as the vent cannot ‘bend’ around the curve of the window.  Instead, they fit across a straight surface as per the image here.

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