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Dog Behavioural Correction & Modification

Dog Behavioural Training: Transform Your Dog’s Behaviour

Did you know that the risk of dogs harming owners has increased? According to ABC, from 2020-2021 there were nearly 10,000 reports by Aussies claiming to have been bitten by a Dog

Are you struggling with dog behavioural issues? Then turn to the expertise of our qualified trainers. Over the years, we’ve maintained a mission to foster great bonds between furry friends and owners. Our Dog behaviourists in Perth are here to help you.

Find and Correct- Canine Behaviours

Our professional Dog trainers know that different issues range from Dog to Dog. Which is why we can find solutions for many destructive behaviours.

See what we can help you with:

  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Biting/nipping
  • Pulling on Leash
  • Separation Anxiety and Aggression towards other Dogs and/or people.
  • Dogs that don’t recall – our Dogs recall from anywhere at any time regardless of the environment or surroundings ie other Dogs

There are many other behaviour issues – almost as many as there are Dogs!

Dogs We’ve Worked With

Our behavioural Dog trainers have worked with and tailored our training sessions to meet a variety of different Dogs.

See this below:

  • All canine sizes
  • Working Dogs (Service, search and rescue etc)
  • The vast majority of breeds
  • Different personality types (Hyper, aggressive)

Early Signs You Need to Take Action

Our behavioural Dog trainers have worked with and tailored our training sessions to meet a variety of different Dogs.

See this below:

  • Excessive Barking or Howling: Unusually frequent or loud sounds without a clear trigger.
  • Sudden Aggression: Showing uncharacteristic aggression towards people or other animals.
  • Sudden Toilet Accidents: House-trained Dogs starting to have accidents indoors.
  • Overly Possessive: Displaying aggression over food, toys, or certain areas of the house.
  • Obsessive Behaviours: Repeatedly engaging in a single activity, like tail chasing or licking.

Risky behavioural issues can be hard to tell when exhibited earlier on. It’s important to understand the various signs associated with harmful behaviours and intervene earlier than later. So these don’t spiral out of control. As a general rule of thumb, the more severe and frequent the behavioural problem, the faster it should be addressed.

Understanding Behavioural Dog Training for Dogs

The way Dogs perceive the world and learn is quite different from us humans. We cannot simply talk to them to negotiate and persuade them to modify their behaviour, therefore as trainers and handlers we need to change the way we communicate to train them based on how they best learn.

The learning theory is the process of how learning occurs with Dogs. There is a scientific field of study behind all forms of Dog training called ‘the learning theory.’ Through this past research, we know that Dogs learn primarily through association and stimuli.

Keep in mind that learning can and must happen at different stages to take in and keep these new habits.

Rather than relying on one form of training, we take a flexible approach for our Dog behaviour training in Perth. We actively use both negative and positive reinforcement. This method rewards good behaviour and reduces unwanted actions. This makes rules clear and learning effective for Dogs. Which in turn, creates a respectful environment for the Dog and owner.

Why Turn To a Dog Behaviourist in Perth?

Poor pet behaviour is challenging for most owners. It can be hard to determine how to resolve these different issues. Attempting ineffective discipline methods overtime can make the behaviour much worse.

Instead, turn to the peace of mind of professional training programs. This is especially important if you have no prior experience as a pet owner. With the right knowledge and expert approach, a qualified team can help you.

You’ll receive tailored advice about your Dog within each and every visit from one of our Dog behavioural specialists. With practice handling a variety of situations with your Dog, with our personalised support, you’ll feel secure and confident in handling your furry friend. This helps set up a great foundation for life, for a well mannered and responsive Dog.

What to Expect

When it comes to our Dog behaviourists in Perth, expect a simple process. From the beginning, we take a personal approach. This assures us that we can target the main cause of the problem.

See the simple steps when you choose us:

  • Contact us (Via online booking, phone call or email)
  • Consultation to understand your Dogs needs
  • Finding the root trigger
  • We find a theory for this
  • The creation of a tailored plan including training methods and practical participation: this includes demonstrations and exercises to help grow both your Dog’s and your own confidence in different situations

Why Choose Perth K9 Coach?

Trust that we’re all about positive change. Our team specialises in Dog behaviour correction in Perth. Which means that we’re ready to tackle any problem, like attention seeking behaviour in Dogs.

Looking for a more balanced life with your pet? From making an online booking to phone call, contact us today to learn more!

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