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Dog Behavioural Correction & Modification

Perth K9 Coach will work with you to create strong and dependable interactions between you and your Dog in order to elicit desirable and location-appropriate behaviours.

We are highly experienced and successful Dog Trainers who achieve the best and most effective results. We continue to improve and evolve our training methods, developed utilising the latest information available from our European, English and American counterparts.

Each of our programs is personalised to reflect your goals and lifestyle and your Dogs character, temperament and existing behaviours.

We utilise progressive, effective training methods developing Trust, Engagement and Responsiveness with your Dog – methods that ensure that training is always enjoyable for you and your Dog, assuring fast learning and solid results.

Your results will be outstanding and you will enjoy the company of a Dog with good manners, who responds when asked, is social with Dogs and people – and well mannered.


Dog Training Perth : Personalised Coaching For You and Your Dog

There is no magic wand…

Once committed to spend the time – fun time – to help your Dog understand what you are asking for, and utilising the skills and information we will share with you, we can guarantee you a harmonious and stress-free relationship with your Dog.

We are what is known as ‘Balanced’ Dog Trainers, employing positive methods and utilising ‘corrections’ to establish a path of Success for you and your Dog.

Your Dog will learn what it is you require of him (based around our Clear Communication training) resulting in the behaviours you desire; we will guide you to teach your Dog good manners, how to be appropriately social and how best you can develop ‘engagement’ with your Dog that will result in your Dog being highly responsive.

Applying boundaries and teaching the difference between acceptable and non-acceptable behaviours such as biting, jumping up, pulling on leash and not coming when called. Each of these undesirable behaviours will very likely put your Dog’s life or welfare at risk as well as the possibility that unchecked he may go on to ‘incite’ another Dog or hurt a child (jumping up or biting).

Our philosophy is based around behavioural choices and impulse control.  Your Dog needs these skills so that he can make appropriate choices. 

Training your Dog requires Persistence and Consistence.   With time, and commitment to the outcomes, you will be astounded at the results!


Behavioural Issues:

The terms ‘Behavioural Issue or ‘Behavioural Modification’ means different things to different people dependent on what your experience is.

To some, it’s a Dog that gulps or guards his food; to others it may be a more serious issue of aggression towards other Dogs or Humans.

We are experienced with a very broad range of problem behaviours that have previously concerned their Handlers including (but not limited to):

  • aggressive dog
  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Biting (or nipping)
  • Dogs that don’t recall – our Dogs recall from anywhere at any time regardless of the environment or surroundings ie other Dogs
  • Pulling on Leash
  • Separation Anxiety and Aggression towards other Dogs and/or people. There are many other behaviour issues – almost as many as there are Dogs!

Please see the separate tab on Dog Aggression… and please don’t hesitate to get in touch in regards to any behaviours that are causing concern…


One On One Training By Our Experienced Dog Trainers Perth

We utilise one-on-one as our Training format – a reliable format that addresses your Dog as an individual – because every Dog is different.

One-on-one attention without the distraction of other Dogs or handlers, results in the undivided attention of your Trainer enabling you to address issues and topics of specific interest to you in regard to your goals with your Dog.

Your Dog will learn all the skills needed to be successful.  He will learn how to cope when exposed to an environment where there are numerous distractions. This is not an approach soaked in dominance theory, where the goal is to teach you how dominate your Dog until he submits (behaves).  He will learn to make the right choices, irrespective of what’s going on in the world around him – set up to make good decisions from the get-go.

You will be empowered with the knowledge and skills to continue this pattern of interaction.


Training Sessions:

Our initial meeting will include:

  • A general chat around your needs, we will assess your Dog’s temperament and address any questions or concerns you may have. From this discussion we will determine a Training Plan that best suits your needs, goals, time availability, lifestyle and your Dog’s capabilities.
  • Theory: We will explain the methods, why and how they apply, your role and the science behind the methods.
  • Practical: We will introduce you to the practical aspects of training your Dog, demonstrating and encouraging full participation.


Our Dogs and Puppies are balanced and live happy lives with their families – we can help you and your Dog too!

CONTACT US TODAY to discuss your specific requirements.

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