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Perth K9 Coach is one of the leading Dog / Puppy training providers in the Perth metro area. We are dedicated to training Dogs for good manners and responsiveness to commands. We specialise in Behavioural Modification, guiding you and your Dog through the myriad of issues including, but not limited to, Dog on Dog aggression, aggression with items within your environment, biting, jumping, pulling on leash, no recall and basic behaviours such as a reliable sit.

You can count on us as a Perth Dog training specialist to correct behavioural issues with the most difficult issues you may be encountering with your Dogs.

We, at Perth K9 Coach, pride ourselves on being amongst the leading Training companies offering Dog training in Perth WA for all breeds and ages of Dogs. Our professionals play an active role in Puppy/Dog training and behavioural modification.

With extensive industry knowledge and experience in professional Puppy training in Perth WA, we can confidently assist you with developing and improving positive behavioural patterns by introducing you to a balanced approach to enable clear communication – teaching your Dog the difference between ‘appropriate’ and ‘inappropriate’ responses and behaviours.

When it comes to Dog obedience training in Perth, Perth K9 Coach has the best reputation for maintaining highest standards of quality, safety, convenience and client support. We are recognised and known for the achievements we have made, and are focused on developing a positive and balanced relationship between our clients and their Dogs.

Perth K9 Coach offers customised training programs, ensuring that you and your Dog communicate effectively. Clear communication enables our clients to communicate in a way that our Dogs understand – communicating in their own language while allowing you to gain full control over your Dog’s behaviour.

Being amongst the best Dog trainers in Perth, we are here to reward you with a well behaved, socially adept Dog that is safe and secure in all situations and environments.

Discuss your Dog’s behavioural issues with our committed team and we will customise a training solution that suits both you and your Dog. Call today at 0430 507 733 to get things started.

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Perth K9 Coach

Dog Training in Perth WA

Professional Dog Trainers servicing the Perth Metro Region.

Perth K9 Coach - Obedience and Behavioural Resolution Professionals.

Dedicated and Professional Dog Trainers based in Perth WA and committed to the highest standards of training and professional conduct. 

We offer an exclusive, proven Dog Training program, are highly experienced and in a relatively short period of time will guide you to a safe and harmonious relationship with your Canine Companion/s.

We are committed to ensuring a high level of service and ongoing backup that is supported by an ever-expanding knowledge base in the areas of Dog and Puppy Training, Dog psychology and Human-to-Dog interaction.

All of our training is personalised to meet your needs and desired outcomes, and conducted one-on-one with you and your Dog/s. We visit you in your home, at a time convenient to you, enabling us to observe your Puppy/Dog in his own environment where he is relaxed and ‘him/herself’.


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We reward our
Utilising our methods you will develop the ENGAGEMENT and RESPONSIVENESS that interprets to your Dog/Puppy responding to YOU - not treats!
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Not children or babies… Treat them with the respect they deserve and interact with them in an appropriate manner and you WILL achieve your Goals in terms of an obedient, well-mannered and respectful Dog/Puppy who will interact politely with Humans and Dogs alike.
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Dogs don’t
speak english
They are the Masters of Body Language, our methods are developed to enable us to communicate effectively in a ‘language’ they understand!
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our methods work!
We do not offer empty promises. Our methods have been developed over many years and we are constantly evolving and learning as we International Dog Training Community become better educated. Each of our training sessions is personalised to suit you, and the character and temperament of your Pup/Dog.
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there is no ‘quick fix’
We remind our clients regularly that there is no magic wand! Anyone who tells you that they can fix your Dogs behavioural issue/s or Train your Dog/Puppy in just one or two sessions is not being honest with you. It takes time and effort (not necessarily money!) to train a Dog to be a well-mannered, responsive companion.
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We Provide a Supportive
& Personalised Service!
We work with you to help and support you along your journey with your Pup. We don’t flit in and flit out (unless you want us to); instead we provide full support!
Once you are a client of Perth K9 Coach – you are ALWAYS a client!




Why toys and equipment are important for Dogs.
Leashes, Collars and Toys are essential items for our Dogs.

Equipment for our Dogs is also big business…

It was brought to my attention again recently when I read that the Perth-based City Farmers has been sold for $205 million.

There is big money being made in Pet Stores!!
the critical periods in your puppy’s development
A very interesting article on ‘Imprinting’ was shared with us today… I have posted an excerpt from the article but please feel free to contact us for a copy of the complete article which which covers the period from birth to 14 mths.

There are two if not three major Imprinting periods within this time where, essentially, whatever happens to this puppy will stay with him/her for life!
Vaccinations offer lifelong immunity
The duration of immunity for Rabies vaccine, Canine distemper vaccine, Canine Parvovirus vaccine, Feline Panleukopenia vaccine, Feline Rhinotracheitis, feline Calicivirus, have all been demonstrated to be a minimum of 7 years by serology for rabies and challenge studies for all others.

Minimum Duration of Immunity for Canine Vaccines: