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Puppy Training is one of four (4) key aspects to our business – these are:

  1. Puppy Training
  2. Dog Aggression
  3. Dog Obedience Training (older Pups)
  4. Behavioural Modification


“Train a Puppy and rarely do we need to train a Dog!”


Puppies are not ‘NAUGHTY’ – they are Puppies – doing what Puppies do – until we teach them ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. Until we do, he will keep doing what Puppies do!


We regularly meet People seeking a higher and more consistent level of obedience (response) from their Dogs – more focus around distraction, over-stimulation and minimising inappropriate behaviours.


With early training where required behaviours are taught, this would have been avoided.


NOT training a Pup is unfair to him and to you, and your family.


Allowing him to develop undesirable behaviours and habits that you won’t appreciate when he is bigger and that will be the cause of aggravation and frustration in the hope that he will ‘grow out of it’ is unfair.


If we don’t teach him what is required, how will he know??  In their natural environment the family/pack would teach him – they rely on us to do that.


It is so much easier to teach a Puppy about ‘appropriate’ and inappropriate behaviours and social interactions. Don’t wait until he is an adolescent, or older, before you teach him.


Working with older Pups or young Dogs we are working to undo undesirable behaviours while replacing those which are desirable.


Dog on Dog aggression is a very serious and very common problem.  This is very often as a result of a Pup not being ‘socialised’ appropriately.  Dogs have rules around manners and if a Pup is ‘inappropriate’ with another Pup or Dog they will get told off.  Often, very often, it takes just one such incident for a Dog to become ‘reactive’ to other Dogs. How we handle it from there is what makes the difference between having a friendly, social Dog, or an aggressive Dog.  It’s that simple.

  • Perth K9 Coach provides specialised ‘One-On-One’ Puppy Training
  • Every Client and every Puppy is different, hence all of our training sessions are personalised.
  • Contacting us prior to or immediately upon bringing your Puppy home means getting your Puppy on the right track – from the start!
  • ‘Distraction Proof’ your Pup (often referred to as socialisation/desensitisation), and many of the problems often experienced will be avoided ie ‘My Dog sees another Dog and goes nuts”; or “My Puppy bites, and jumps all over everyone he meets!”.
  • Bringing your Puppy home and not training him at all, or taking him to local Puppy Classes where on the whole, they fail to go through the basics of behaviour is setting your Pup up for problems. We hear from so many people with Pups who are now 10-18mths old who didn’t ‘grow out of it’.
    If only we had been involved from the start, their Pup would now be behaving perfectly!
  • Typically our Pups are fully responsive by 16weeks… sit, recall, heel, walking nicely on leash and going to place (bed or crate) on command from anywhere!
  • There is an old saying ‘Begin as You Mean to Go On!”.


Puppy Training Perth With Our Highly Qualified Trainers

Our Trainers introduce you to methods that will guide you to create a relationship with your Dog that is built on engagement, responsiveness and strong leadership (you) – setting them up for life!

  • Desensitisation and Neutralisation (often referred to as ‘Socialisation’)
  • Basic Puppy training – beginning to build a bond between you and your Pup that will ensure that you have his undivided attention in the future
  • Identifying, preventing and resolving undesirable behaviours
  • Health care advice
  • Interaction (Play) – what is appropriate and what is not
  • Responsible pet ownership, Local Council registration and State Legislation


We can answer any questions you have – and if we can’t we know where to find the answers!


Tell us what you need


Effective Methods At Our Puppy Training Classes Perth 


‘Distractions’ are elements within the Dog’s environment that are competing against the rewards you are offering.

Distraction Proof / Desensitise Your Pup

In order to ‘Distraction-Proof’ or ‘Desensitise’ your pup, it is important to understand what Socialisation / Neutralisation is.

Is this ‘real’ for you? :

  • He is very good at home, sits, comes to you, waits for his food (most of the time);
  • You take your Pup/Dog out and there are people, Dogs, smells, sounds – all new and exciting;
  • You call him… he is ‘busy’ with another Dog, a ball or even a Duck at a park;
  • He chases another Dog or even a ball and is headed toward a major road…
    • –   But go out to the Park, or for a walk and they don’t want to know you; they don’t listen and/or ignore you!?
    • –   Does he even hear you?
    • –   Why does this happen?


When a Dog is distracted, it is because he has strong (positive or negative) ‘values’ for the distraction – or doesn’t know how to deal with it.


Expose your Pup to elements that would ordinarily distract a Dog (Dogs, people, balls, things that move, smells, sounds etc), and set the values to zero, and these elements will not serve as distraction for your Dog.


Establishing zero value for these things whilst establishing yourself as the focal point of their ‘world’, will go a long way to Distraction Proofing or Desensitising your pup to the potential of Distraction.


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