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Q. I don’t understand some of the phrases you use:
A. Terminology as follows:
Engagement: Your Dog engages with you, seeing you as his ‘Leader’
Responsiveness:Your Dog ‘responds’ to your requests for a specific behaviour ie Sit – he sits – quickly!; You call him – he comes to you – quickly!
Marker:Used to acknowledge (mark) a required and requested behaviour
Q. I have heard the terms Balanced and Positive Only (PO) Trainers. What is the difference and which one are you?
A. We are balanced Trainers.
The difference is that we will let a Dog know if he behaved inappropriately (Biting, jumping up or aggression of any nature) or has not achieved a requested behaviour.
If we don’t let them know, how will they know? Simply ignoring an undesirable behaviour as per the ‘Positive Only’ mandate does not teach a Dog ‘right from wrong’ or acceptable from non-acceptable.
Unfortunately we see Dogs regularly whose behaviours have deteriorated when they have visited PO Trainers.
Please call us for a more detailed discussion.
Q. Do you conduct Group Training?
A. We will in the near future, however this will only be available to existing clients who wish to advance their training, and following on from individual tuition where we introduce the basics and deal with any behavioural issues – this cannot be done effectively in a group class.
Q. Will you come to my house?
A. Yes! We like to visit you… this way we meet your Dog when he/she is feeling relaxed and confident in their own space. If you prefer that we don’t then please discuss this with us.
Q. What methods do you use?
A. The important thing to know is that we are ‘Balanced Trainers’. We are force and compulsion free in that we DO NOT force a Dog to do anything! Some Trainers for example will refer to themselves as ‘Positive Only’ and yet will force a Dog to perform specific behaviours, such as pushing a Dog into a sit.
We will help our Dogs understand that there are some behaviours that are inappropriate and unacceptable – ie jumping up, biting, chewing, digging, toilet training, aggression… and others that he will be rewarded generously for. We prefer to reward, reward, reward!
Our ethos is based around letting our Dogs know when they have ‘been successful’, rewarding them for doing well!
Q. What is your Specialised Puppy Program?
A. Puppy Training is absolutely imperative.
We have a saying here: “Train your Puppy and you will never have to train a Dog!” Well, that’s not entirely true but it will definitely ensure a well behaved and well-mannered Dog without behavioural issues that you will be proud to take everywhere with you.
We have developed a specialist Puppy Training Program to get you off to the right start!
Chat to us today (link to Contact Us page?) or more information and to discuss your Puppy.
Q. I have a very rambunctious, high energy Dog who never stops and gets into everything! Can you help?
A. We have extensive experience with high drive (high-spirited/active) Dogs.
Note: It is important to understand that many trainers have limited experience and successes with these Dogs. They require a very different approach to a quieter or less ‘active’ Dog.
Many will attempt to suppress their Drive, ‘distract’ a Dog from that which it seeks (ie another Dog), which is impossible and will create problems elsewhere.
We take a different approach, working with your Dogs character to develop and utilise his or her spirit to mutual benefit. This is both very rewarding for you both, but very successful!
We would be delighted for you to give us a call and discuss your Dog specifically.
Q. Are you German Shepherd experts?
A. Yes we are, however we are very proficient with many breeds; in particular we are highly experienced with most large/working and high Drive Dogs.
Q. Are you a Behaviourist?
A. Yes, in that we are very experienced with the Behaviours of Dogs and very skilled at managing and modifying behavioural ‘issues’ such as jumping up, biting, chewing, digging, toilet training, not coming back when called, aggression and ‘not listening’… the list goes on!
Q. Can you change Aggressive Behaviour?
A. Yes, we can! However this is a big topic and there are rarely two cases the same – because each Dog and each Handler (you) is different.
We continue to guide clients to success with Dogs often deemed by other Behaviourists/Trainers to be ‘beyond help’; and we have saved the lives of many Dogs who were recommended for euthanasia by both Behaviourists and their consulting Vets!
Q. We have a small breed Dog, can you help us?
A. Absolutely! The only difference between a large breed Dog and a small breed Dog is their size! We train Dogs – all breeds, all sizes, with great success!
Q. We need to socialise our Dog, can you help us?
A. Yes, most definitely we can help you! It’s important to ensure that your Dog is social and well behaved when around other Dogs. This will form part of your specific Training Program.
Q. Our Dog is not comfortable, is very nervous or doesn’t like other Dogs coming close… what can we do?
A. This comprises a large portion of our Training program – teaching our Dogs how to interact (socialise) appropriately with and around other Dogs… to become more confident (less stressed) and as a result less ‘reactive’.
The fact is that not all Dogs enjoy the company of other Dogs, or Dogs they don’t know.
This is perfectly NORMAL! However it’s difficult to completely avoid other Dogs and so we will assist your Dog to be more relaxed in this environment, more comfortable in strange environments and with better manners.
Q. How much do you charge?
A. Our fees vary depending on your requirements. It is important to speak with you so that we can make sure you are getting what you need, not what we want to sell you… plus we need to make sure that we can indeed help you.
We are not interested in ‘selling’ you, it’s important only that you and your Dog/s receive the training you need.
We offer a completely personalised service and as such, our training delivery varies from Dog to Dog, Handler to Handler.
Every Dog is different. Our training methods are modified to suit your desired outcomes, your Dog’s character, temperament, age and to a lesser degree, breed… there is no ‘one size fits all’ method.
Even though most Dogs jump up, chew or nip as Pups, pull on leash or whichever combination of behaviours your Dog is displaying, our methods are modified to suit your Dog…
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your personal situation and to get a quote.
Q. Friends of ours are clients of yours and they mentioned that you conduct ‘Group Walks’… Can we join in with our Dog/s?
A. Yes we do run Group Walks – a service offered to clients and their client Dogs.
Once you become a client of Perth K9 Coach, and we are confident that your Dog is well behaved and/or well managed, you will most definitely be invited to join us!
These walks are thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, and particularly good for Dogs who need to learn to be around other Dogs – those who are nervous, under-socialised, boisterous and everything in between! It’s a mobile training session as well!
Note: We restrict this service to client’s Dogs to ensure that all Dogs are safe. If someone were to join us who we don’t know, it could eventuate that their Dog is not ‘friendly’ and we cannot risk putting other Dogs in harm’s way.
Q. How do I book for Training?
A. The easiest way is to drop us a line or call – 0430507733 and we can arrange a suitable date/time – we can answer your questions at the same time.
Q. Do you sell Leashes and Collars?
A. Yes, We have a range of Leashes and Collars considered to be the best leash available in Australia and we are the only stockists in WA! We also stock a small range of other products… Check out our store online or you can purchase from me directly
Q. How long will it take to train my Dog?
A. Every Dog is different, but it will depend very much on you. Your commitment to consistency and the time that is required.
The more you put in, and the more consistent you are, the quicker it will happen. Historically as an example when we work with Puppies from 8 wks of age, they are fully responsive by age 12-16 weeks.
This means that they will, on command, sit, recall, walk nicely on leash, go to bed (or crate) on command, stay, heel and a range of additional behaviours in a med-high distraction location.
Q. How long is each training session?
A. Our initial consult is a minimum of two (2) hours and each consecutive session is a minimum of one (1) hour. However we are not ‘clock watchers’ and will stay with you until you have the answers you need to get the job done.
Q. What if I have a problem, concern or am not sure of something after you leave?
A. We offer a very personalised service. We are always here, at the end of the phone (or email). If we can’t take your call straight away, we will get back to you at the first opportunity. We encourage you to get in touch and we can help you through anything you are concerned or unsure about.
Q. How do I choose a Trainer?
A. Do your research! In order to make the correct choice when sourcing a Dog Trainer, it’s important that you know what questions to ask…
Dog Training is an unregulated industry with no checks and balances on who sets up as a Trainer. Neither price nor advertised ‘qualifications’ guarantee appropriate experience &/or successful outcomes.
We provide free advice to assist you in choosing the right path for you and your Dog… This is not a ‘sell’ – but it is important that you get the help that you need and we provide the information you need to make the appropriate decision.
Whether you choose to work with us, or not, it’s important that you choose a Trainer that can and will meet your requirements. A quick conversation with us could save you a lot of time and money – not to mention frustration if the Trainer you choose does not have the experience or skills to meet your needs – which is a very common outcome.
The one thing you cannot do, is choose a Trainer based on price… there is no guarantee that the most expensive trainer will provide the best service, in fact it’s highly unlikely, nor will the cheapest price provide the least service.
The best Trainers are those with difficult Dogs! If they have experience with Dogs – theirs or clients Dogs – who have challenged them and their skills and abilities, and have been successful in overcoming those idiosyncrasies they are probably a far better equipped trainer than someone who has only trained very ‘biddable’ (biddable = very eager to please) Dogs (ie Dogs who are super responsive such as Border Collies or Aussie Shepherds as an example).
All Trainers should continue their learning. We are regularly consulting with our colleagues in Europe, UK and USA so that as new information becomes available, we are able to progress the relationship with our Dogs; and every now and then a Dog presents to us that challenges us… We learn from these Dogs and they teach us how to initiate change.
It is very much dependent on what you need, the skills of the Trainer, and matching the two.
Give us a call for a chat… we can help you decide on what it is you need.

Q. How do I know that the Trainer I choose will be reliable and able to help me?
A. Unfortunately you won’t! This is why it’s so important to know which questions to ask.
Ask about their methods (Balanced or Positive Only?) and ask about their experience with the problems/issues you are experiencing. Unfortunately this industry has as many insincere people as any other. Ask lots of questions, get them talking and get a feel for the kind of person they are and their level of experience.
“I love Dogs” is not an appropriate skill unfortunately.
You will be looking for a Trainer who knows what they are talking about, have the appropriate experience, is consistent, kind, attentive, will treat you and your Dog with respect and will provide a full service, with ongoing back up and support. A number of Trainers will see you once, and then walk away…
You need someone who will support you and be there when you need them. We are working with you and your ‘family’ member, therefore this is a service that requires a very personalised service – and in our opinion, you need a Trainer that can provide that service.
Q. Do Dog Trainers have to have Qualifications?
A. No, and there is no standard qualification available.
There are two or three training schools in the East who provide inconsistent methods often with a high dependency on equipment. Even those who have attended a Training school are often ill equipped due to a lack of hands on experience…
The best Trainer is the one with extensive experience with a variety of breeds, high drive and low drive Dogs and a range of behavioural issues… this person can train almost any Dog!
Q. Are all Trainers created equal – are they all the same?
A. NO! All Trainers are not. Many have inadequate skills or experience to manage any but a very quiet, biddable or low drive Dog. You must choose a Trainer with the skills and experience to know how to help you and your Dog.
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