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Lynne has a special gift when it comes to working with dogs and just knows how to get the best out of both the animal and the handler. Not surprising though, given her commitment and passion to the cause.

Finding an appropriate sitter for our 2 beloved corgis was an extremely important decision for us. After talking to you initially and meeting you for the first time, we were impressed by both your knowledge and positive energy. This was reflected by the way Maximus and Sophie both responded to you over a short period of time in the first meeting at our house. We knew that we could trust you with our beloved corgis and went ahead with a tailored package (sitting and TEC) that best suited our corgis while we were away. While away, it was great to get daily updates and pictures to track their progress and was something that we looked forward to. Both Maximus and Sophie are still smiling and look forward to the next time we are away, so they can spend more time with you!

Amazing training session today…. Stella is coming along so well and is becoming a well-balanced Puppy, can’t wait for the next stages! Thanks Lynne – you’re wonderful 

A friend recommended Lynne at Perth K9 Coach to me when I bought my Cocker Spaniel Puppy. I had forgotten how chaotic living with a very young, untrained Puppy can be. Arki is now 14 weeks old and already he sits and stays on command, runs to his crate on command, is very quickly learning to walk at my side, always sits before he is given his meals, pees and poos in the same place in the garden (saves me searching for his droppings), and on command (very useful!) and has learned to treat my Cat with respect (he used to try and drag her around by her ear by way of a game). He quickly learned not to bite and nip and he now sleeps all night without having to relieve himself. I bought the Puppy Package for Arki and I and after just a couple of lessons with Lynne I saw a huge improvement in Arki’s behaviour. Lynne has also given us a huge amount of support and advice outside of her visits. I’m lucky that a friend recommended Lynne to me which has resulted in a Puppy who is growing into a very happy, well behaved and obedient Dog.

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