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Dog Training in Perth WA
Professional Dog Trainers servicing the Perth Metro Region.

Perth K9 Coach provides professional Dog Training Services throughout the Perth Metro area and regularly travel to country areas upon invitation…
Our Trainers are highly experienced with in excess of 30 year experience with many breeds ensuring that you and your Dog are in very experienced hands.
Our focus at all times is on the safety of you and your Dog; providing you the tools to ensure that your Dog is controlled, obedient and respectful - out in public or at home.
Our methods utilise progressive, effective training methods, based on behaviour marking - using markers and reinforcers to guide your Dog to develop a confident and positive outlook and ensuring that training is more meaningful and enjoyable for handlers, and their Dogs– something that is often overlooked.
Our objectives are to:
• Remove the unnecessary ‘mystique’ that has developed in the Dog training industry. Our methods are designed to demystify – enabling you to understand the foundations and easily put them into practice
• Ensure that training your Dog is never ‘work’ or a chore. Utilising our methods you will discover that for you and your Dog, training is a pleasurable experience!
We specialise in high drive working Dogs - however our clients include an extensive range of large and small breeds – many of whom are very high drive (active).
We work with you to develop a relationship based on respect – ensuring engagement and responsiveness - meaning that your Dog/Puppy is engaged with you, responding to each command when delivered.
We combine our respect for Dogs – and the relationship with their Handlers – with our knowledge and awareness of Animal Behaviour to guide you in how to elicit required behaviours, ensuring a harmonious and stress-free relationship with your Canine Companion.
Our training is delivered one-on-one to provide your Dog/Pup the best possible opportunity to learn and understand what we are asking of him.
We can quickly and efficiently assist you with the basics in Obedience; guide you through specific Training/Behavioural issues, or progress your training.
Training must be enjoyable! Only then are you going to complete the training required! Utilising our superior methods Training will be remembered; your Dog will want to train, to do what is asked - because he is getting what he needs!


Once you are a client of Perth K9 Coach, you are a client for life... We are always here to provide support, answer any questions you have and help you through any rough spots - never hesitate to Give Us A Shout!

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