Gripleash Tab Leash 8" (20cm)

Gripleash Tab Leash 8″ (20cm) (Black & Red only)


“The Gripper” Tab Leash comes standard with a knotted end and Heavy Duty Brass Snap.

Made from the same super strong, extra light rubber impregnated cotton as our Gripper Leash Range which has an excellent non-slip grip and feels great in your hand.

These tabs are used, attached to your dogs collar, in various situations – for easy connection when required.  They will not tangle or get caught up in your Dog’s legs.

When training off leash obedience, training in drive etc where you need to be able to quickly get hold of your dog and lead him to where you need him to be. but don’t need to have a leash on him that he will be dragging on the ground. This Tab Leash is the go-between when you are moving from full leash to no leash and are a must-have for all Dog Handlers!

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