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Gripleash Police Leash


Measuring 7ft long x 3/4″, this leash can be folded in half to make a 3 1/2 foot leash also. It has 3 extra D-rings along the body of the leash at 18″ and 44″ make this an adaptable leash for a variety of needs.

Gripper Leashes have many benefits:

– This leash doesn’t tear and gives you the perfect grip. This means there is no chance of it slipping and allowing your Dog to get free even if he tries to get away from you.

– It is easily adjustable and has two rows of rubberized stitching covering the full length of the leash. This leash is also ergonomic and comfortable.

– This leash has specially woven edges on The Gripper® which are meant to soften the feel of the leash and are folded to prevent the webbing from fraying.

– To convey the leash with a professional look, the ends of The Gripper® are made with two large pieces of glove leather. This glove leather is used to add the overall strength at the stress points.

– The thread used in stitching is a heavy-duty marine quality.

– To sustain extreme weather conditions and offer a rich appearance to the gripper leash, it is made with ultra-heavy solid brass twisted bolt snaps. It also has solid brass coordinating O-rings. Brass is rust resistant.

– The leash is hangs to dry and is easily washable. It can also be use in all weather conditions!

– The Super Gripper is made up of durable polyester webbing containing four rows of rubberized stitching which covers both sides of the leash. Rubberised stitching also covers handle which offers maximum grip and strength.

The Gripper® leash becomes soft over time while the rubber remains to offer a firm grip in any training or in any weather condition.

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