Gripleash 33' Long Line

Gripleash Classic Leash -3 colours (Black, Red, Green & Purple)


Two rows of rubber!

The classic leash comes in two lengths – 4 foot (1.2m) and 6 foot (1.8m).

The 4-foot leash is an ideal length for obedience training, the 6-foot is suitable for any pleasure or training activity.

Both come standard with a solid brass bolt snap and a coordinating brass o-ring in the handle. The o-ring allows the leash to be connected together making a continuous loop. The leash can then be placed over the handler’s head and under the arm for any off leash activity.

Gripleash Leashes are made of 100% quality cotton/polyester webbing.

  • There are two rows of rubberized stitching running the entire length of the leash and handle and on both sides.
  • The edges on The Gripper® have been specially woven to soften the feel of the leash. The edges have been rounded to help keep the webbing from fraying.
  • The ends of The Gripper® are finished with two generous pieces of glove leather to give the leash a professional finish and to add to the overall strength at the stress points.
  • The thread is heavy-duty marine quality.
  • Extra heavy solid brass swivel bolt snaps and solid brass coordinating o-rings are standard and give a rich appearance and hold up well in extreme weather conditions. Brass does not rust.
  • The leash is washable and hangs to dry.
  • Colors are vivid and rich.
  • The Gripper® leash softens after a few uses, yet the rubber continues to give a sure grip in any training or pleasure activity and in any weather condition.
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