High Quality Equipment For Our Dogs Is So Important!

Leashes, Collars and Toys are essential items for our Dogs.


Equipment for our Dogs is also big business…

It was brought to my attention again recently when I read that the Perth-based City Farmers has been sold for $205 million.

There is big money being made in Pet Stores!!

City Farmers was purchased by Greencross, which operates the Petbarn chain of 135 stores. The City Farmers purchase will add 42 stores to its network, including 21 in WA.

It’s interesting that
people who own Pet Stores, also own Vet Clinics – in fact 108 of them!!

You do not have to pay a lot of money for high quality equipment for your Dog as is charged in Pet Supply Stores for very average quality products.

But where do you find high quality equipment at a reasonable price? RIGHT HERE!

We offer a small range of HIGH QUALITY products at very reasonable prices – each intended to keep your Dog safe and/or ‘busy’… and last a long time!

It’s incredibly important to ensure that your pet is safe and secure and that you can rely on the equipment and toys that you use (leashes, collars, long lines, toys… ). As important is what they are made from… Our products are manufactured for us from high quality products by highly ethical people in the USA and Europe. Our products do not come from China.

Our leashes for example were described by a client recently as the ‘best leash I have ever owned!’. This client owns high drive and powerful Dogs and competes with his Dogs at a very advanced level. He knows what he is talking about! He went on to say that ‘this is only Leash people should buy!’. Very kind comments, but I have to agree with him. Not only are they well made from high quality products, but they are safe, with Brass clips, and safe to use – they are strong and will never pull through your hands!

I hear reports from clients regularly of equipment they have purchased from ‘Pet supply stores’ that has broken or failed in some way shortly after purchase, in many cases with near disastrous outcomes; and the same with toys – they tell me that the toys they have paid good money for disintegrate sometimes within hours!

Pssssst: Please visit our Online Pet Shop to view our extensive range of Leashes, Collars, Toys and more. Our products are designed with you and your Dog’s security and safety in mind (the last thing you want to happen is for a leash or leash clip to break).