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Our products are of the highest quality – ensuring SAFETY and RELIABILITY!

It is one of our greatest fears that one day a leash or collar will fail and our Dog will be unexpectedly free. In order to minimise these risks we have established relationships with suppliers of the highest quality training and handling equipment from the USA and Europe.

Our decision to source and stock ONLY high quality equipment was in response to numerous reports of incidents where equipment – products purchased cheaply online, at Equine and/or Pet Stores, most of which are made in Asia – failed, resulting in Dogs suddenly free and potentially in great danger from other Dogs, livestock or traffic.

Tested in real life situations on high energy and powerful dogs, we know without any doubt that used, maintained and cared for as instructed, these high quality products are safe, reliable and will last you a long time.


We are very proudly the only distributor in WA to stock the amazing Gripleash products.  These must be seen to be believed!  Safe and reliable, I often say that I think these would pull a truck, they are so strong. Plus they feel amazing, and you know as soon as you hold one of these leashes in your hand, that your Dog is safe. They won’t pull through your hand, and even if they did, they would not sting or burn, are safe to be used in water, mud – in fact anything you might come across when working or walking your Dog.  In addition and almost the icing on a very nice cake, these leashes won’t cost you any more than most of the leashes you might purchase in a Pet Supply Store – those that are made in China and are nowhere near as reliable.

Gripleash Leashes, Collars and Toys are remarkable. The revolutionary concept of incorporating rubberised stitching into a woven cotton/polyester fabric makes this unrivalled leash the preferred training tool of professionals around the world. As well, these products will last you a very long time and look as good after several years as they did the day your brought them home!

Should you have a requirement for an item you don’t see, or a size not listed, please email us and we will do our very best to source it for you.




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