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Pet Taxi Perth

The K9 Coach offer a Pet Taxi service in Perth for you and your beloved pet. Our very popular Pet Taxi service provides transport for you and your pet throughout the Perth Metro region.


No matter where you need to go – the Vet, Groomers, Day Care, Airport or even to a friend’s house – we provide safe transport for you and all of your domestic pets in our Pet Taxi.


We have delivered dogs to the Airport for Breeders who need to deliver a dog to another State for breeding or showing and puppies and dogs going to a new home; we have helped those who don’t drive or don’t have a suitable vehicle to take their pets to the Vet and Groomers and we have picked people up to bring them to a suitable training venue or organised workshop – we even delivered a lady and her dog to her friend’s house for a visit!


We have transported Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs – we have even picked up fish – and their tank – to deliver to their new home! Ask us about transporting your pet in our Pet Taxi.

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