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Pet Sitting Perth

Perth K9 Coach offer a Pet Sitting service in the Perth Metro Region. Our Pet sitting service is extremely popular. Leaving your Pets at home means that you do not have to send your dog to kennels, that all of your pets can stay at home, are well cared for and safe.


During your absences from home we care for your pets – in your home – and the significance of this is that they never have to be moved to unfamiliar surrounds. Why risk your pets health, happiness and wellbeing?


Instead they remain in the comfort of their home and we visit, feed, clean up and exercise them. We can also undertake training sessions with your dogs if you wish – see our TEC Packages.


We take care of all of your pets – even fish – and we will bring in your mail and water your plants at the same time!


Enquire about our Training, Education and Care packages (TEC) for Dogs for a combination that suits you. We will create a package to meet your specific needs but a popular option is to spend some of our time training your dog/s in a specific ‘new skill’ ie go to place, speak on command (then we teach them to be quiet on command), walking on leash, recall etc – the choices are limitless! Upon your return, we spend time with you conducting a ‘handover’ where we teach you how to continue this training with your dog/s.


As with all of our services, we are completely negotiable so please don’t hesitate to ask us if there is something specific you wish to be undertaken.

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